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Freight Transport Services in Minnesota

Your Trusted Freight Provider

When it comes to your ability to get freight from one destination to another, on time and in pristine quality, there’s no substitute for experience, professionalism, and logistical expertise. Whether you’re shipping via LTL trucking in Minnesota or require long-distance, temperature-controlled freight solutions, know that K-Way Express, Inc. is here to provide them to you with a moment’s notice.

Our fleet

At K-Way we have a fleet of 40 tractors in operation, with an average age of 4 years between them, ensuring you can rely not only on our drivers but on their rigs as well. This, coupled with our in-house maintenance facility, means your products get to your clients in a safe, reliable and timely fashion, with the lowest possible chance for malfunctions or setbacks while your freight is on the road.
Our trailer fleet consists of several new 53′ vans and reefers and we’re proud to command both flatbed and step-deck equipment as well. Thanks to the plethora of freight transport options in our fleet, as well as our experience with cargo of all types, we can also say that we’re seasoned in over-length and over-width loads. There’s virtually nothing we can’t transport for you.
Each truck is also equipped with a cell phone for on-the-spot, concrete communications between our drivers and dispatch in case anything does go wrong or information needs to be immediately relayed. How many freight companies in Minnesota can guarantee you all of that and more?

Our mission

No matter what you need transported or where you need your freight delivered to, know that K-Way Express, Inc. has the passion, the drive and the experience to be everything you need and more form your freight transport provider.
We go above and beyond just supplying you with the right vehicles and the experienced drivers: we aim to provide solutions and tailored approaches that our customers can get comfortable with, knowing that their operations are flowing smoothly as the result of our efforts.
It’s our mission to fly higher and drive farther than any other freight companies in Minnesota and if you give us the chance to prove ourselves to you, we’re certain you’ll see what we have to offer you.

Contact us today

If you have freight transport needs that you’re seeking to have addressed or simply need a service like LTL trucking in Minnesota, get in touch with a representative at K-Way Express, Inc. and we’ll be happy to help explain to you everything we’re prepared to offer and more. Call us today for a free, personalized quote and we’ll also be happy to answer any questions you may have about your unique needs or our ability to meet and exceed them.